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GalaxyCon Raleigh: Experiencing Sci-Fi Conventions During the Strikes

In a few hours I'll be hopping in a car and heading about 5 hours away to Raleigh for Galaxy Con. This will be my first time at this particular convention, but I feel it will be a new experience all around. I'm looking forward to finding out what changes (good and bad) are made to sci-fi conventions during the strikes.

We already know that SAG members are not allowed to talk about any struck work - past, present or future. I feel this could go two ways. People could get extra frustrated, and the con's attitude could turn sour. OR people could get innovative in what they talk about and how they conduct themselves. I can't wait to get boots on the ground to see how it goes.

My reason for finally getting this blog going now is to be able to report as best I can about my experiences with several upcoming conventions: Raleigh, GenCon in Indy, and, of course, my home con, DragonCon. I've got some fun activities planned for my interactions with attendees and, hopefully, talent.

I support the strikes fully. My own podcast is refraining from our usual podcasting during this time (I got an official email answer from SAG when I asked). I think conventions and personal appearances can be a wonderful way of keeping fans informed about what's happening with the strikes. And, honestly, it keeps these actors humanized for when the studios release the rhetoric of them being aloof and rich and asking for too much.

Tomorrow is a day planned to the brim with photo ops, autographs, wacky panels, and camaraderie. I'll let you know how it goes.

TL;DR: Eat the rich. Go to cons.

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