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Rebecca Isbill Davis (She/Her) is a filmmaker based in Greenville, South Carolina. Since graduating from Bard College in 2004 Rebecca has worked in various levels of film, from the production and camera departments of feature films in New York, to working in whatever capacity required for no-budget shorts released by the local indie film scene of Greenville. She directed the cyberpunk short film Future Flu in 2017, which was shot in Seoul, South Korea in Korean and appeared in 4 film festivals. Rebecca’s passion is “Science Fiction without the Whiz-Bam-Pow,” preferring the “what if’s” of speculative fiction to shiny special effects. In addition to filmmaking, Rebecca works as an Emergency Medical Technician. She credits her experience in this role for a more robust understanding of humanity and its motivations. Rebecca has recently completed Passage, a short film shot and edited solely by Rebecca, featuring one character, and produced within the socially distanced restrictions of COVID. She is currently in pre-production on E is For:, her feature film directorial debut.

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